8665435435 Who uses this Phone Number?

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Did you Just call 1-866-543-5435 looking for Ea Sports customer service (Pogo Games Support) Did you fail to connect with the pogo Toll-free helpline number?

Worry not in this Guide we will help you find the right way of contacting Electronic arts customer service. let us Make things Simpler For you by Answering a few questions that may have crossed your Mind Such as

What is 866-543-5435?

pogo.com which is a great website for online games where you can play thousands of premium games with a single membership. Before Electronic arts purchased pogo 866 543 5435 was their customer service number for pogo billing and troubleshooting but not anymore.

Electronica arts has acquired a lot of gaming platforms and merged all of them under one umbrella which is the Electronic arts Website. Now with a Great number of Members came a huge number of incoming customer support calls and it was too much to handle.

What Should You Do to Contact Customer Support?

pogo support number

customers had to wait for hours to get pogo games to support related billing and gaming problems and a huge chunk of calls were query calls so to avoid that they created a better system where you can contact pogo customer service number for help.

we don’t think that you may get incoming calls using this number because it seems that 866-543-5435 is not being used by Pogo customer support as of now for providing help.

once you connect with them just explain the trouble you have with your games. they will check to verify that you are the legitimate owner of your account and then they will look into your account to help you.

if you are just looking to cancel pogo membership then you can do it on your own without any help.

if you have other problems such as –

  • Games Loading, working, crashing, or any other cause with pogo loading.
  • Refund, Billing duration, Charges, and refund Questions will be answered.
  • Tokens, account merger, and sign-in related issues
  • how to stop antivirus pop ups and notifications

if you are Looking for a way to Contact EA Support Via Email or Direct Phone line then it’s not going to work unless you follow the method we have given in the link above.

We hope this helps you Know all about 8665435435 and do comment below and let us know how it goes for you.

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