Pogo Customer Service Number

there are almost 3 million people who enjoy Pogo games each day. with ever-updating new games loaded with fun and features has made Pogo a great platform for all age groups of people.

there are 2 ways one can enjoy Pogo games. one is with ads and limited access to the number of games and the other is paid membership called club Pogo with complete access to Pogo games and features.

Scope of Problems

free and paid members both can get Pogo customer service whenever needed. our support team is committed to ensuring an uninterrupted flawless gaming experience.

since pogo has become part of the Ea Games network one can always redeem ea pogo customer service with quick and effective methods. Call the toll-free number to get phone support on these issues-

  • Fix Games won’t load or browser plugin causing trouble
  • check games Platform compatibility with Windows & Mac computers
  • adjust Screen Resolution and unmatched device settings
  • Fix internet fluctuation and network connectivity while playing games
  • games not working on Different Browser
  • pogo games login and sign in related issues
  • Slow, freezing online games
  • Recover pogo hacked account
  • Complaints about Pogo.com is not reachable or down in your reagon
  • Restore Pogo tokens, Gems, and badges
  • Merge multiple pogo accounts or transfer subscription between accounts
  • Update payment method or update credit card/ debit card in pogo account
  • Cancel/Restore/Upgrade Club Pogo membership
  • Recover EA Network Account and credentials
  • Fix Troubles Playing Games on iPad, Chromebook
  • Redeem Gift Card and adjust PayPal as payment method.

Now that we have mentioned all of the issues let us help you fix the problem in a quick and efficient way.

How to Fix Pogo Games Problems?

Now some of the issues that we have mentioned above can be fixed only by getting Pogo customer support however few issues can be managed by using easy & quick Guides. such as –

Pogo Sign in Problems– reset Pogo username (Screen name ) or password. if you have forgotten the username & password you can always request a reset link for the login credential at your registered email.

forgot pogo screen name

Games Loading Problem – we help you uninstall, remove then re-install the java. update the latest version of java and enable the java plugin to your browser. checkout methods to pogo games not working problem.

Update Payment Information – Go to your Pogo account and go to account settings find the billing tab & change the billing details as required.

for Easy and Instant Help one must contact Pogo Support for help.

Pogo Customer Service Number

since the Accusation of Pogo games back in 2007 by EA Games Network the methods of customer service have changed. in the next few steps, we will explain how you can contact Pogo technical support in the most effective methods for all kinds of help regarding Pogo games.

mainly there is a process of getting the customer help that you must follow.

  • Go to Your computer and open the internet browser of your choosing such as chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge
  • Click on https://blog.pogo.com/faqs/ choose the option that best fits your requirement.
pogo blogs
ea sports website
  • follow onscreen instructions to request a callback or live chat to explain the problem to the customer service representative.
pogo support options
  • if you a normal question where you would like your fellow pogo members to answers to help you go to the pogo forums to post and Question or real the answers given before on the same matter. Click here for the Pogo Guides forum

Hope all of this will answer your Query regarding the Pogo customer service number

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